Redeeming credits without supporting documents | Loan consolidation

Redeeming credits without supporting documents | Loan consolidation

Interest rates on mortgage loans have recently fallen dramatically in France. This phenomenon benefits many borrowers whether they are already owners or first-time buyers. However, it is not necessary to have taken out a loan in recent weeks to have made a good transaction. fleshes this out Reduce your monthly payments and your debt […]

Loan without processing costs

With the many offers of the banks, some consumers lack an overview. There are comparison computers on the Internet, but to do that you first have to know what you are looking for. In order to find the right loan, various filters would have to be used. An important feature is a loan with no […]

Consumer credit: a boost to make the most of the football world cup

Many football enthusiasts would like to change their audiovisual equipment to enjoy the World Cup matches in the best possible conditions. Acquiring a 4K television and a sound bar, for example, is not always immediately feasible since many households do not have the necessary savings. Individuals are therefore turning more and more to consumer credit. […]

What non-bank loans are popular today?

  Are you considering borrowing? Loans today are not taboo, there are literally clouds on the market. The financial market is full of non-bank loans, which are among the most attractive today. It is no wonder that classic bank loans are associated with unpleasant standing in long queues at bank branches, when the queues really […]

Consumer loan production drops in February

The French association of financial companies has published its monthly report on the distribution of consumer loans in France. After a sharp increase in the production of these loans over the past few months, demand is starting to drop.   Decrease in consumer credit in France Buoyed by the constant fall in interest rates, the […]

The most attractive types of non-bank loans

If you want to apply for a loan, you first need to be a little confident in the financial market. If you look at it, you will see only a huge amount of loans that can be applied for. There are really many of them, one more advantageous than the other; If you belong to […]

Does the repurchase of loans at zero rate exist?

Buying back loans can be a good solution for cleaning up a budget while anticipating a future real estate investment. Among the questions asked by subscribers, there is one that comes up quite often: can we buy back zero-rate credit?  A first point should be clarified: we are talking about buying a PTZ (Zero Rate […]

Credit: banks’ preferred borrower profiles

2.95% over 20 years for a single 29-year-old first-time buyer in Clermont-Ferrand, 2.85% for a couple in their thirties in Montpellier, and 2.82% for a couple in their forties from Brittany… what are these favorite profiles who get the best rates? Who are the most promising candidates? How to optimize your loan file and your […]

Mortgage loan: borrowing conditions still favorable

Mortgage loan rates stabilized at 1.47% on average in April 2018. Borrowing conditions are still favorable. However, if the duration of loans is extended to compensate for the increase in property prices, this is not enough to reverse the loss of household purchasing power.   Attractive rates that boost the purchasing power of French households […]

The new faces of consumer credit

With the economic crisis and the impact of the reform of the epsilon trading crypto Lagarde Law, consumer credit has evolved. Today, despite the precariousness of employment, fixed-term and temporary workers can benefit from numerous dedicated offers proposed by banks for people usually excluded from consumer credit. Remember that 20% to 30% of consumers do not have access […]